"Embeddable" PLC Functionality

We have a hardware platform with 8 dry contact closures and 8 intput lines, among other things, controlled by an ARM7 uC running a proprietary kernel.

We now have an RFP to add PLC functionality to the box, to make this I/O available to the end user. We think we may be able to manage adding sequencing capability to the box, but we don't want to create user tools for building PLC programs.

Are there any IEC 61131-3 design tools (or even ladder program editors) that output any type of standard byte code output? Or are they all tied to specific PLC hardware?


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James Dabbs
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Check out

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for instance. There are many more, but I've worked with these guys and found them reasonable...


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Peter Kannegiesser

I think there's a ladder editor with the LinuxCNC project- somewhere in the EMC2 part of the project. It should at least give you a head start.

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Paul Burke

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Paul Burke

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Ignacio G.T.

Once upon a time, I wrote a ladder-diagram editor and code generator combination that output C soruce code. It used template files for the output, so it's possible to generate source code for any language that can do parenthesised infix expressions. At one point there was most of a generic assembly language generator as well, but I gave up on that.

Here's a paper describing how it works:

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You can download the sources for the editor and code generator here if you want:


The editor is written in Scheme using the Tk widget:

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The code generator is in ANSI standard C and has been run on MS-DOS, VMS, and various Unixes.

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