Softwaredesigner Embedded (DSP/VxWorks but WIN32 too) looking for new Project

Hi, I am a software designer from Germany/Hannover looking for a new project. At the last project i worked on the following topics:

- DSP56xxx with CodeWarrior

- Implementation of a vintage modem standard with the DSP

- Soundanalysis / encryption / transportation via own modem standard over telephone line / decryption and soundsynthesis with the DSP

- FSK/PSK modulation on the DSP

- FFT/FHT on the DSP

- PPC604 and PPC860 with VxWorks (VME rack and PC104 version)

- Videostream analysis / compression / xferring / decompression / visualization (better than RealPlayer ofcause)

- Visualization with Win32 and JAVA

- Messaging via SMS/Fax/Voice/Mail implemented on an embedded target (PPC604 / VxWorks)

- Production Tool realized with TCL/TK with an own TCL library For more information about my skills and my last projects please see:

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I am available from 1/2004 on. If you are interested in a cooperation with me, please email to me. With best regards, Matthias

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Matthias Thoemel
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