Shrinking the IBM Roadrunner Supercomputer to desktop form factor - MacroProcessors on MacroChips

The IBM Roadrunner Supercomputer, with Petaflop capacity can be scaled down in size and power consumption to desktop form factor by expanding the size of the standard microchip to that of a full 12 inch silicon wafer. Network all the processing cores on the wafer together, with infiniband or optics or other technologies, and you have a system of systems on a very large silicon chip which is silicon wafer size. If this does not provide enough processing power, any number of the silicon wafers with the networked processor cores can be stacked vertically and networked together. Power supply and heat dissipation will have to be dealt with. The design can be optimised using electronic design automation software, soft computing and computational intelligence technologies. Thus, you can produce petaflop processors in desktop form factor. This can be called MacroProcessors on MacroChips.

Ian Martin Ajzenszmidt

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