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I want to integrate a serial ROM with my 89C52. I came across some really large program that has to be fed ito the EEPROM of the 89C52 for it to be able to access the 2404.

Is it simple to interface this chip with a microC and is it worth while.

(I need to store some values after power down)

Thanks Ali

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If I understand you, the "serial ROM" will be used to "store some values after power down". How about using serial EEPROM? Check out e.g. MicroChip 24LC256 (32k x 8). Only 8 pins, and cheap.

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I got hold of some information on a 24C04, 4K (512x8). It's also an 8 pin chip like the one you suggested. But I'm not too familiar with how to program it ... do you have any sample programs I could go through?

Or any useful links either would do just fine....

Thanks a lot!


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I've just interfaced a 24LC08 to a TI MSP430F1121. I adapted the software accompanying a TI app. note (SLA115) without any problems.


Leon Heller, G1HSM
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Leon Heller

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