S_record docs from Motorola

I've at last scanned an appendix from a Motorla EVM manual describing the layout of S- records for hexadicmal data:

formatting link

Note that these are .PNG graphic images.. I haven't got any OCR software yet to put them through.

Enjoy. Mel.

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Mel Wilson
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A couple of things:

1) There is no such thing as hexadecimal data. Hexadecimal is a number base rather than a code. A set of numbers may be as well represented in hexadecimal, decimal, octal, binary, or any other number base.

Codes are a different matter in that they associate numbers with non-numeric symbols. For example, the most commonly used code in computing is the ASCII code in which numbers are associated with letters, numerals, pucntuation marks and the like. A set of numbers that represent ASCII coded characters may rightly be called "ASCII data" but if one of those numbers happen to be 65 (decimal), 0101 (octal), 41 (hexadecimal), or 01000001 (binary), then that number represents the letter 'A' regardless of which number base we chose to use.

2) You're in violation of Motorola's copyright of its "M68HC11EVM EVALUATION MODULE USER?S MANUAL" Not that it matters, but there isn't even a very good reason for your violation as Motorola makes that manual readily available to all at:

formatting link

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Michael R. Kesti

So nice that you got a hair splitter for Christmas.

Since when is the University of New Brunswick an official distribution point for copyrighted Motorola materials?

Reprinting a PORTION of a document that has been ABANDONED by the publisher (what else would you call it, since this document can NOT be located on the Freescale web site) for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES falls squarely within the four corners of the Fair Use provision of US copyright law.

The S-Record format is practically the Rosetta Stone for storage and transfer of binary data. Providing a glimpse of the original documentation for it AT NO CHARGE is a public good.


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Gene S. Berkowitz

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