Rowley Associates and OpenOCD

For historical reasons I currently use Rowley associated for an NXP LPC23xx series micro and also Eclipse with OpenOCD for STM32F micros.

Unfortunately the Olimex ARM-USB-Tiny drivers are different for both packages, with issues of supplying closed source drivers with OpenOCD

Has anyone used or found an easy way to switch or to use the same drivers?

Mike Perkins 
Video Solutions Ltd 
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A bit late replying but for future ref.

OpenOCD can use a few different drivers to access ftdi devices.

  1. ftd2xx - closed drivers from ftdi (--enable-ft2232_ftd2xx).
  2. libftdi (--enable-ft2232_libftdi).
  3. internal ftdi driver written by Andreas (--enable-ftdi).

Driver 3 is now the preferred driver unless you need to use the closed ftdi driver.

To use the same driver as Rowley you have two choices.

  1. Build OpenOCD using ftdi closed driver.
  2. Build using libftdi and libusb-0.1 and use the filter driver.

Option 1 is the easiest and probably will be faster under windows.

Cheers Spencer Oliver

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Spencer Oliver

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