Recommend a good ARM book ?


Hoping to get in to programming and using the ARM range of cores ( ARM 7 TDMI mainly ) from using PIC and AVR.

Anyone recommend a good book that covers the hardware and software of these chips

- both assembly and C. Just a hobbyist interest so nothing too heavy going if possible please.

TIA, Colin

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Colin MacDougall
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Hi, this one could be a good fit, mostly assemly examples and excellent understanding of the architecture: ARM System Developer's Guide : Designing and Optimizing System Software (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Architecture and Design) by Andrew Sloss, et al (Hardcover) (Google it) Another one about the architecture / instruction set is this one: ARM Architecture Reference Manual (2nd Edition) by David Seal (Paperback)

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An Schwob in the USA

I don't discuss hardware, but if you want a practical introduction to using the GNU tools to bring up assembly and C projects on ARM7, I can unreservedly recommend my own book on the topic :)

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