re-program 8253 PIT

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i need to re-program the 8253 programmable interrupt timer to signal approx.
every 1000 ms.
any help is appreciated.


Re: re-program 8253 PIT
Can think of 2 things: (I assume a PC)
a) write a small TSR that listens to the interrupt,
captures 18 of them, and let the 19th pass (you
need to shorten the interval somewhat)
b) since the longest interval one timer can do is
about 55 ms, (in a PC!) you need to use 2 -- load
one with a number >= 19, and when the other
counter counts down to 0 decrement that
number, and when it's down to 0, generate
an interrupt.

a) is definitely doable, but I'm not sure about b)

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