Re: MPC823 passive lcd (video controller)

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What's the difference between all white and all blank?

Fill it with something that will turn some pixels on and some off.  Then if
you see all blank, you KNOW something is wrong.

Re: MPC823 passive lcd (video controller)
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I expected one bit per pixel.  You've got three bits in an 8-bit byte.  The
same principle applies, though: fill with a pattern, so you KNOW what you
should be seeing, and use what you're actually seeing help you diagnose the

I looked up the Motorola summary on the part.  It looks like a fairly
complicated puppy, and I'd be real hesitant to try to diagnose anything
without having spent a fair amount of time reading the data sheets and app
notes, and then I'd want to spend some quality time with a scope and/or a
real logic analyzer.

The summary does say it has both a video controller and an LCD controller.
My first really stupid question is: are you setting up the video controller
or the LCD controller or both or what?

Re: MPC823 passive lcd (video controller)
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I m setting video controller up.As i said before i believe i cant
obtain sync signals of this panel with lcd controller.(I dont know if
all passive panels has signals as silly as this one but it s making me
crazy) anyway if you think (or know) that i can obtain signals with
lcd controller please inform me.(I have tried once and saw HSNC but
VSNC was slightly visible from oscilloscope)
Thanks again...

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