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Hi Charles,

I have recently gotten a few serial LCDs from EarthLCD, and having a > real headache trying to interface to them. Are there any 'standard' > command formats for these things? It is an Optrex unit, looks like for > a cell phone, with three lines of twelve characters, plus some > interesting icons at the top. > > I looks like it uses and four wire interface, CD, CLK, DataIn, DataOut, > and has a timing diagram for the signals (active low, clocks in data on > rising edge) but don't have any idea what the command sets could be. > Tried a little random 8 bit entry using an USBee signal generator, but > didn't get any responces. > > Anyone have any good ideas for talking to these things?

I tried a search for { standard LCD instruction codes } on Google, and came up with

LCD Instruction Codes Instruction Code (Decimal) Clear Screen 1 Home position (move cursor top left of display) 2 Move cursor one character position left 16 Move cursor one character position right 20 Scroll display one character position left 24 Scroll display one character position right 28 Set cursor porition (DDRAM address) 128 + addr Set point in character-generator (CG) Ram 64 + addr

'May' need an character . as in

May work.


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Thanks, Wouter, but I don't think I could drive 15 minutes and pick them up at your place!

(Of course, it took them 20 minutes to find them when I did drive down there! Not a lot of walkin business!)

Part of this, is that I will eventually be interfacing to a HC908QY, but wanted to have some idea how to talk to the thing before I did...

Thanks, Charlie Edmondson Engineering Unique Solutions to Unusual Problems

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"Charles Edmondson" schreef in bericht news:

Ask them?

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Maarten Risseeuw

No, sorry, you must have a paypal account, transfer the money, and in most cases you would have them in your mailbox in two days (in UK). But no driving involved (unless your mialbox is far from your door).

I dunno about that chip (a Motorola uC?), I am into PICs..

Wouter van Ooijen

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