RabbitWeb and BL2600

Hello, I am currently running BL2600 with Web Server (RabbitWeb). I am little confused with RabbitWeb setup. I DEBUGED and RAN the SAMPLE RabbitWeb program web.c and it ran with no problem. I was able to successfully access the webpage by simply typing in the Rabbit IP address on my web browser (firefox), but when I run my program and do the same, I don't get the rabbit webpage that I created but bunch of binary characters all over the web browser. I don't get it. My setup and the sample program setup are exactly the same for RabbitWeb. So, what could be causing this.

If anyone has any ideas or hints, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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Since the sample program runs, hour hardware is OK. I'd suggest making a copy of the sample code, web.c, and then making a small modification and rebuilding and testing. Do this repeatedly working towards the results you want.

You might also want to look at what FireFox is receiving with the FireBug debugger. For simple web pages, the HTML should be easy to comprehend.

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