PonyProg and PIC16F87xA code protect

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I'm having problems with removing the code protect from my PIC16LF874A
with PonyProg2000. The erase feature won't remove the code protect.
Therefore I can't program it. I don't think PonyProg is issuing a
proper "chip erase" according to Microchips app notes. If the 87xA is
shipped with the CP set as default why does PonyProg list the 874A as
a target device?

How are people programming the 87xA? How can I remove/erase the code



Re: PonyProg and PIC16F87xA code protect
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PICs are shipped with code protect off according to the datasheet
I think if you have programmed the PIC with code protect on, then you cannot
remove it (otherwise it wouldn't be code protect :) although it probably
programs the program space correctly.  Make sure you change the setting to
code protect off before programming a new chip next time.  Hope this helps


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