Please, suggest a SPI EEPROM programmer with SMD socket

I have to purchase a serial EEPROM/Flash memories programmer (SPI, I2C) that usually supports also many other devices (PIC,...), even if it's not a must. I'd like to have also a SMD socket/adapter for SOIC8 or similar packages.

I don't have time to self-made a board or adapter.

Please, suggest a product with the best performance/price ratio.

Thank you.

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I have an Asix Presto that I've been satisfied with. They sell a DIP socket adapter, but no SMD adapters.

There's a bunch of new really cheap Chinese programmers on eBay. You can get them with a bunch of adapters for less than a hundred bucks. I have no personal experience, but at least some are supposed to be decent. Eg. here's the EEVblog review for the TL866 programmer:


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