Playing video in sync with external reference

I might have to do some embedded solution for videoplayback on a tv. I guess some compact x86 board is most likely. But the clue is I need to play back a videostream in sync with some external progress input. Consider an excercise bike with a video display. The faster you pedal the faster the movie plays and vica versa.

So I wonder, have anyone here seen ready made software that can to that either on some Windows platform or linux. Most likely the input will be serial rs232 data with speed information.

Suggestions, or tips to where I might go look?

Thanks! Thomas

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Thomas Gunnarsrud
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Hi Thomas,

It should be fairly easy to modify mplayer

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to do this. I would suggest using one of the boards based on Via Eden @

800MHz or better to do this task, esp. if it's high-resolution video. Do you need to sync an audio track also? That will be significantly harder.
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Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

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