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Hi there, I want to make a project with a PIC. This must read some value from other device (Bill apcetor, coin hopper and somes buttons). Must show values in 4 LCD. Must do some function with each button.

Where I have to start, what I have to buy first and what PIC to choose? Are there boards built with PIC that I could use and only have to change program?

Please give your advice.

Thanks . S.L.

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hi coder,

i don't know about the prebuilt boards but it's pretty trivial to make one yourself. for these small projects i just use breadboard from radio shack, the ones that already have bus lines on them, and i personally like the 16F690 as a starting point. it has built in usart, plenty of a/d and pio, etc, and basically all you have to do to have a working core is apply power and ground after you've put a hex file in it. i use the pickit2 to program mine, i don't remember how much that cost but it was like 100$us or something. the 16F690 i don't recall the price either but i know it's under 3$us/each. i don't see why you'd even need a premade board, everything you need is basically right on the single chip, just hook your buttons and things up to it and write your code. make sure you use a socket so you can pull your pic out and put it in the programmer. even the clock is built in.

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There are lots of pre-built PIC boards, some with things like LCDs and push buttons already connected. See Microchip Technology's website and look for PICDemo.

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Pick an easier college course. Something liberal arts, possibly, where the fact that you're also semi-literate won't matter. ;)


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Be nice. There's always the chance that his English is better than your Spanish. In re:

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For the OP, the piclist and its archives may be useful:

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The PIC16F87XA are nice (873A,876A,877A). They work with the ICD2 Look on eBay the have several cheap boards there. The Olimex boards are nice.

Get MPLAB from the microchip web site. You can get a 2K hobbiest version of the Hi-tech C compiler from the Hi-tech web site.

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I will try the The PIC16F87XA .

Thank you All.

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