Pentium III, 440MX; boot up problems

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I have some problems with a hardware board design containing a mobile
Pentium III and the 82443 PCIset. The design is based on a Intel
application note and the processor does not boot up correct.

In the documentation of the mobile Pentium III it says that the
processor goes during the boot up through the three steps:

* PLL lock to the bus clock
* Assignment of the APIC arbitration ID
* Fetch of code from the boot address

It also says that there is BNR sequencing going on after the reset

I did not find any information how that fits into the three earlier
mentioned steps. Does the BNR handshake happen after the PLL lock or
even before?

When my board boots up I see the BNR sequencing, but not more. So can
I assume that the PLL did lock or should I investigate my PLL filter

Any advise is appreciated.

Does anybody know where I find some more information about this

Thanks in advance.


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