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I'm trying to get an idea of how much things cost these days.  I'm talking
to circuit board manufacturers, but am unfortunately not getting much
feedback in terms of a breakout of what is driving cost.  So, I ask you.
I'm looking for impressions of the following PCB features in terms of (1)
how expensive they are, and (2) whether they are widely supported..

1. Blind vias
2. Buried vias
3. Micro vias
4. Special Routing.

Also, what is commonly considered "fine pitch"?

It has truly been a while.  My last PCB design was 10 years ago.

Thanks in advance.

Re: PCB Design Rules
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It might be worth doing some exploratory board quoting using the online
quote engines. For example, www.4pcb.com.

Re: PCB Design Rules

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I think fine pitch is 4 mils or less. You'll find that relatively few
PCB manufacturers offer this sort of stuff and it is very expensive. A
recent new technique is to bury critical components like bypass
capacitors inside the inner layers. This sort of technology is called
'HDI' or high-density interconnect.


Re: PCB Design Rules

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I would suggest that anything more than 6/6 is pushing your luck if you
whant low cost fast PCB's.  If possible keep it to 8/8, that gives you even
more options.


Re: PCB Design Rules
On Tue, 21 Oct 2003 13:26:12 +1300, "Ralph Mason"
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I try to stay at 10 thou if possible, but have done 6 without

What track/spacing is used on the modern PC type
motherboards? It's either bloody small or my eyes
are getting even worse :)

Mike Harding

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