PA Semi Hardware and Software Applications Engineering

Do you have experience providing customer support for Power Architecture processors or experience designing with high-end embedded processors?

PA Semi has openings for Hardware and Software Applications Engineers in Santa Clara, CA. We are an exciting startup and have a very nice dual core on the way.

2 64 bit Power Architecture CPUs 2 DDR2 memory controllers 24 high-speed SERDES 8 PCI Express engines 2 10 Gig Ethernet macs 4 1 Gig Ethernet macs and more

We have openings for both Hardware and Software Applications Engineers. You should have some experience supporting customers with processor products or designing systems with high-end CPUs. Preferably Power Architecture CPUs and even better is SOC based CPU products.

PA Semi is a great place to work and we have a fun product to support. Some latest news is the big ping-pong tournament going on at the 9th floor.

If you are interested, send me an email at pa Or you can come into the regular web process.

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PA Semi Support

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I don't get it. PA semi is not in PA? Why aren't they CA semi???

pa wrote:

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That threw me for a moment too, but then I remembered. PA = POWER(tm) Architecture.

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