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I'd like to learn embedded programming, probably in C.
At this stage (beginning), I am interested in the langauge, and the
various applications (any hardware examples will do - I am just trying
to learn the the language and to understand the scope. On-line
tutorials please

I have tried to find elementary tutorials, but without success.



Re: on-line tutorials
You're probably better off learning C on whatever computer you now use. This
way, you're only learning one thing at a time instead of several things all at
once. Less frustrating in my opinion.

Get a good book on C. I always liked the Kernighan & Ritchie book "The C
Programming Language". You should always have a book to use as a reference.

Embedded systems can be strange. Some of the smaller processors/controllers use
non-ANSI extensions to C in order to make access to their features more
efficient/possible. There are things you have to do to make C work on an
embedded system that have already been done to work on a PC/Mac/Workstation,
unless you've bought a C that has already been tailored to work for the
particular CPU you are using (like Zilog's eZ8 eval system).

One book I thought was helpful for embedded systems was "Programming Emebedded
Systems with C/C++" from O'Reilly. They also have "Designing Embedded Hardware"
if you're new to hardware too.

Re: on-line tutorials
Look for articles about Embedded Software Development at the following

http://www.eventhelix.com/RealtimeMantra /

EventStudio 2.0 - Generate Message Sequence Charts in PDF

Re: on-line tutorials

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You may wish to take a look at my web-based training course, Real-Time
Fundamentals. It's targeted at people new to the area of real-time
programming and embedded systems. A free trial of the Introduction is
available. Visit my web site listed below.


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Re: on-line tutorials
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I don't think the OP has reached that level yet.


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