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Announcing the Atmel AVR Starter Kit complete with ANSI C Development Tools

Kit 1 - AVR (R) Butterfly hardware = $89
Kit 2 - Lawicel M32 Eval Kit = $109
Availability: June 30, 2003

The Atmel AVR is one of the fastest 8/16 bit microcontrollers available. With
this starter kit, you have everything you need to develop code for the device.
The package includes:

- 4K code limited version of the ImageCraft ICCAVR C development toolkit. This
is exactly the same tool as the regular ICCAVR except that the output is limited
to 4K bytes. When you are ready, you may upgrade to the
Standard version or PRO version for a low cost.
- Demo versions of the Flash Studio+ debugger and SoftTools StingRay debugger
(Atmel's AVR Studio is available free from
- "Getting Started" guide with examples.
- Two hardware options. Both hardware options come with RS-232 code download
capability and an ISP programming dongle is not required.

KIT1: Atmel's NEW "Butterfly" AVR LCD Starter Kit. M169 microcontroller, a piezo
element for sound generation, integrated light and temperature sensors, LCD
display glass, and a 4 Megabit Atmel DataFlash..
Dimensions: 4.5cm X 6.5cm
Price: $89 (Upgrade to ICCAVR STD - $150)

KIT2: The StAVeR-24M32 from Lawicel. Stamp sized Mega32 based  controller.
Motherboard with 4 push buttons, piezo sound generator, ISP header, RS2332, and
a character based LCD.
Dimensions: 9.5cm X 8cm
Price: $109 (Upgrade to ICCAVR STD - $130)

There is no better and less expensive way to get started on the AVR! For more
information, visit , or

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For how long do you plan to continue posting this (daily so far)
spam advertising message, which besides being spam has excessively
long lines?  Somehow I though you were better than that.

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