Nohau in and out of bankruptcy...

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Late breaking news, this page is just up...

Nohau Brand In-Circuit Emulators are now a product of ICE Technology
Nohau brand in-circuit emulators and embedded systems tools are
rescued from the bankruptcy of parent company Knowit LLC

San Mateo, California, -Nohau a DBA of Knowit LLC, the world's leading
8 and 16 bit In-Circuit Emulator manufacturer, was rescued from the
unexpected bankruptcy of Knowit LLC.

"It is a simple fact that Knowit LLC's financial problems were an
unfortunate burden on the respected and popular Nohau brand embedded
systems tools. Nohau embedded systems tools are back in production,
and we have high hopes of continued acceptance by the embedded systems
comunity." says ICE Technology CEO J. P. Pennese.

The rest is just marketing.  But it seems that the parent company that
owned Nohau was in bankruptcy and Nohau has been sold off to ICETECH.
I see that the Nohau web site is still not working, but they have a
product page at

I would give it a week or two to let the dust settle and then resume
doing business if you are interested in their products.

Re: Nohau in and out of bankruptcy...

 In computers , if you see something being

 sold , it is not helpful , no one needs it .

 Its because of the ease of giving away

 free software .

  I dont need to mail it , nor hire a truck

 to send it to you .

  The more value it has , the more effort,,

 people will put into sending it to you , til

 everyone is using it , free .

    Every IDE and "developement" system

 today , is not helpful , and not  needed .

  or it would be pirated , and everyone

 would be using it without problems , and thus

 you'd see posts on how easy and powerful

 it was and all the wonderful things it did .

   And how it tunneled this or that and how

 it obviated the need to compile this or that.

  Or how it speeded up this task or that task .

  I am the worlds fastest systems programmer .

  If you see some one selling C/C++ , or

 Linux or WXP or I.A.R. or . Basic .....

  It is poison , merely bait , to more bloat

 and asides ....

   If you have trouble with ARM loading

  or booting , create a simple , low cost

 state machine and boot it yourself .

  Else , if there is an assembler , you could

 create 500 bytes of Forth , so you would

 stop using the assembler after that .

  But the assembler is probably bogus

 bloat and wont do easy assembly .

   This is the fast , easy way to program

  ARM .....DIY .

Re: Nohau in and out of bankruptcy...
Werty,   where have you been for the past few weeks?  Working on your token

I thought you may have retired.

Are you still posting from your 40 column TI silent 700 terminal?

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