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This is the newsletter of the Gaudi project a website about system

The book "Architectural reasoning; balancing genericity and specificity"
is intended to become my PhD thesis. Significantly changed, amongst
others updated or new chapters:

"What is architecting?":
"Criterions for architecting methods":
"Overview of architecting method based on CAFCR and architectural
"Functional View":
"Threads of reasoning":
"Story telling in Medical Imaging":
"Medical Imaging creation in chronological order":
"Threads of reasoning in the medical imaging case":
"Evaluation of architectural reasoning":

new presentations and articles:
"Exploration of the bloating of software":
"Capability development at the Embedded Systems Institute":
"Opportunities and challenges in embedded systems":
"How to appraise or assess an architect?":

In the previous newsletter I asked for suggestions to improve the
accessibility of the Gaudi site. One of the results is a pictorial
index, see:

Please be encouraged to send any feedback to me!

See for other recent changes:

Regards Gerrit
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