networking problem in samsung 44box chip arm board

after booting to uclinux... I experiment the following

if I used a cross cable connecting a sumsang S3C44BOX chip with a PC ( 98 SE), I can ping each other. I can see the web page in the arm.

IP address: PC 98 se is while the arm is and router is

however if I common straight utp cable in 98 SE going to router and the arm board is connected to router. I cannot ping arm in 98se.

  1. is bootloader = bios?
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arm developer
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  1. Can either device (ARM or PC) ping the router?
1a. Can both devices ping the router?
  1. What is the router mask set to?
  2. Are you SURE that one or more of the router ports is not a crossover (usually labelled with an "X")?


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Gene S. Berkowitz

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