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I'm trying to figure out the quickest, and preferable cheapest, way of
calculation MTBF for regular embedded computer boards....

Any good ideas for easy to use and not too expensive software tools,
preferable with a large library ? Don't need any fancy features, just
basic MTBF calculations to Mil-Std and Bellcore.

I have looked around a little on the web and there seems to be multiple
makers of tools like that. But they all have no listed pricing and say
"contact us for a consultation", which usually mean high prices....

Best Regards,

Soren Kristensen
Soekris Engineering, Inc.

Re: MTBF Calculations tools....
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Absolutely right, usually thousands of pounds/dollars. Many years ago I
did an spreadsheet that calculated MTBF using the parts count method for
three different quality levels and three different envirinments and I
fond it very handy.  Later I built a DOS PC program which did the same
thing and released it as shareware.  I got just one 20 registration.  I
am currently in the early stages of developing a GUI version for Linux.

However, there are two problems I have yet to resolve.

1.  The MILSTD parts count method gives very pessimistic results for non
military components (which it seems to think are about 30 times more
likely to fail than their MILSTD counterparts - an erroneous assumption)

2.  Gathering failure rate data for parts and building a library (a
somewhat thankless task).

To overcome the first I am thinking of abandoning the quality factor
used in the MILSTD parts count method and for the second including just
a basic library and facilities to allow users to add there own parts to
it (most manufacturers provide the necessary failure rate data).


Re: MTBF Calculations tools....
Years ago I used a program called "Predictor T-217" by Threshold Systems.
I did several projects with it.
I called their number and checked the yellow pages with no results so it
looks like they went out of business.

You can have my "off-site archive" if you want.


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