mb-gdb: problem simulating memory mapped i/o devices


I'm trying to simulate a C program in MB-GDB but I get trouble when trying to simulate memory based I/O devices.

I'm not using Microblaze but a improved Openfire core (same ISA) so microblaze toolchain is working for me (I also modified some TCL script inside mb-gdb in order to use the gdb's microblaze simulator instead of XMD).

Seems that GDB marks or initialize only memory regions defined in the executabe program(sections .text, .rodata, .data, etc..) and when my program tries to access the memory area where I/O devices are mapped (outside .text, .data, etc. regions), GDB raises SIGSEGV (segmentation violations signals).


led_status = *(char *) IODEVICE_LEDS; // IODEVICES start at

0x80000000 but program resides from 0x0 to 0x1000

A solution I found is to define the IO device memory area at the end of the linker script and initialize it with some data.

. = _IO_START_ADDR; _iospace : { . = _IO_SIZE; }

This seems to work more or less but I need to execute the program with breakpoints and manually set / read the values of such memory positions in order to simulate the device behaviour.

The question is:

Is there any way in GDB to map a memory location (8, 16 o 32 bit size) to a file for input or output (this is, every time I read[write] from such memory location, the value is readed[writed] from[to] a file ?

Is also possible to use an script connected to such memory location (for example interactively controlling the position of switches or so).

Thank you very much for your help Manuel

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This is more of a problem with the simulator than with GDB itself. In my experience, most of the simulators that come with GDB seem to be intended to exercise code produced by GCC as a means of running test cases, and not as a means to simulate an embedded system. In fact, this is true of most of the simulators that I have worked with, an exception being simulavrxx.

Simulating hardware devices *can* be done if you have the source code, the time and the inclination. Good luck.

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