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In article , Don Y wrote: }Hi Charles, } }On 8/14/2014 5:54 PM, Charles Bryant wrote: }> In article, Don Y wrote: }> ... web browsing ... }> }(I still wish I had a button to disable images/graphics/animations }> }on demand!) }> }> Then I suggest you try Opera. }> }> I (capital i) toggles the display of images. }> }> G toggles use of style (very useful for those pages which have dark }> writing on a black background, or yellow text on white). }> }> F12 brings up a menu on which you can toggle animated images (E), }> Javascript (a), and cookies (c), and others, as well as a dialog (d) }> which allows you to save per-site preferences for some of these. } }Does it inhibit their *download*, as well? I.e., if you can prevent }them from being "fetched" by the browser, often the pages can }display at lightning speed!

Yes. To see an individual image, right click on the space reserved for it and select "reload image". Images which were previously downloaded (e.g. cached from other pages or previous visits) are displayed. Download of things like style and javascript can only be avoided if they're separate files - on many pages they're inline in the HTML, so no browser can avoid the bandwidth to fetch them.

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Charles Bryant

OK. That's similar to what Netscape (?) did years ago. I.e., the only cost/inconvenience I bore was for those images that I decided I

*wanted* to see (and, I had to expressly indicate that).


I'll look into installing Opera when I rebuild/replace this machine (I keep waiting/hoping for it to die so I will be forced to undertake that effort. But, of course, a watched pot never boils...)

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Don Y

Piker. BTDT. Then i got smarter and learned more directly powerful languages that saved me typing time. ByBy machine code. I still find toy languages disgusting. Pascal used to be such, then wiser heads took over. Tough toenails.


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Phil Martel


Make sure you download the "old" Opera (that would be version 12.something) , I doubt these features are present on the new "chrome-like" version (15 a nd above, I believe) (not supported on Linux anyway).

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Ah! I'd have otherwise just ASSUMED the most current version (I don't run Linux so that's not a concern).


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Don Y

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