LPC1788 IAP Problem

I'm working on LPC1788, trying to use In Application Programming, and in one project where I implemented this code:

#define IAP_BASE1 0x00030000 #define IAP_BASE2 0x00038000 #define IAP_BASE3 0x00040000

int main(void) {

BYTE podatak1, podatak2, podatak3; DWORD *pointer_podatak1, *pointer_podatak2, *pointer_podatak3; uart0();


podatak1 = 0x33; podatak2 = 0x63; podatak3 = 0x84;

iap_copy_to_flash(&podatak1, IAP_BASE1, 1); delay_1_ms(); iap_copy_to_flash(&podatak2, IAP_BASE2, 1); delay_1_ms(); iap_copy_to_flash(&podatak3, IAP_BASE3, 1); delay_1_ms();

pointer_podatak1 = (DWORD*) IAP_BASE1; pointer_podatak2 = (DWORD*) IAP_BASE2; pointer_podatak3 = (DWORD*) IAP_BASE3;

LPC_UART0->THR = *pointer_podatak1; delay_1_ms(); LPC_UART0->THR = *pointer_podatak2; delay_1_ms(); LPC_UART0->THR = *pointer_podatak3; delay_1_ms();

while(1) { }


It works perfectly, but when I try to utilize it in my main project, I've got nothing written on flash memory locations I indicated. Here is the code in my main project to read and write from flash:

#define OFFSET_ADDRESS 0x00030000 #define OFFSET_VERSION 0x00038000 #define OFFSET_SERIAL 0x00040000

void write_to_flash (void) { BYTE i; DWORD *pointer_podatak1, *pointer_podatak2, *pointer_podatak3;

iap_copy_to_flash(&display_address, OFFSET_ADDRESS, 1); delay_1_ms();

iap_copy_to_flash(&version, OFFSET_VERSION, 1); delay_1_ms();

for (i=0;i MAX_OUTDOOR_DISPLAY_ADDRESS) || (display_address < MIN_OUTDOOR_DISPLAY_ADDRESS)) display_address = UNI_ADDRESS;

pok_ver = (DWORD*)OFFSET_VERSION; version = *pok_ver; delay_1_ms(); if (version > MAX_FW_VERSION) version = 0;

for (i=0;i

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I've not used this particular part, however:

- you say "works perfectly", but you do not check the return codes from write operation?

- did you previously "prepare" and "erase" the sectors? See page 896 in the manual you linked...

Hope that helps! Best Regards, Dave

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Dave Nadler

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