Enabling the Interrupt in Fujitsu Controller

hi all! here i am doing a project project using Fujitsu Controller(MB90F428).first i have wriiten the test coding for UART communication. if i use polling my coding is working but interrupt is not working. here is my code

#pragma intvect Int_Uart1Rx 37 // UART1 RX

void Main() { IO_ICR13.byte = 0x00; IO_DDR0.bit.D03 = 0;//Input port IO_DDR0.bit.D04 = 1;//output port IO_SMR1.byte = 0x11; IO_SCR1.byte = 0X13;//Tx,Rx enabled IO_SSR1.byte = 0x0A; IO_CDCR1.byte= 0x80; IO_SSR1.bit.RDRF = RESET; while(1); } /****************************Interrupt Routine*************/ __interrupt void Int_Uart1Rx(void) { if(IO_SSR1.bit.RIE == ON) { if(IO_SSR1.bit.RDRF == ON) // if "UART1 has received" interrupt { IO_SSR1.bit.RIE = OFF; // interrupt disabled Rx_VALUE = IO_SIDR1.byte; if(IO_SSR1.bit.RDRF == RESET) IO_PDR7.bit.P75 = LED_ON; IO_SSR1.bit.TDRE = SET; IO_SCR1.bit.REC = RESET; for(tr_cntr=0;tr_cntr

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Have you updated the vector table (vector.c)? Have you set the priority register (ICR)?

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