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Hello all,

I have been a software guy. Dun know much about hardware.

I've been trying to look at comparable low-powered computer.

Something comparable to this:
(this company claims under 1 W ??). I've seen comparable ones that run ~15 W

Where should I look for this kind of PC ?

I just need around 64 MB/128 MB RAM, 133 MHz CPU, supported by Linux.

Any opinions/pointers will be greatly appreciated.


Re: low powered PC
how about a Mini-ITX motherboard from VIA.

it does not take that much power and it is relatively cheap.

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Re: low powered PC
There is a website that sells similar gear at


Might also look at:


they sell Media server encoders, but also sell some kind of mini-itx boz
with a flash drive and a pushbutton interface and lcd screen.

Also look at the links at


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Re: low powered PC
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Let's be clear on this - Are you looking for a "PC" (implying, Intel
x86-compatible), or a single-board computer, processor=don't care as
long as there is a Linux port? The link you posted is to an ARM-based

If that's what you're looking for, you might want to look at Bitsy
<http://www.applieddata.net/products_bitsyplus.asp and related
products, and similar devices such as the Cerfboard

If power consumption is your major issue, then RISC solutions are
really the only way to proceed. However you do need to define your
requirements a little more strictly; "133MHz" processor can cover a
wide range of performance depending on the architecture of the
processor and the board into which it's integrated. Some idea of the
target application would help narrow this down.

If you need an Intel-compatible (PC-compatible) board, then perhaps
you can look at solutions based on Geode (200~333MHz), or ST's STPC
series (wide speed range from ~50MHz upwards). There are also a few
boards based on the SiS 550 embedded x86 SoC (200MHz). For these
products, look at vendors like Advantech (www.advantech.com) and BCM
(www.bcmcom.com). Support is much better from Advantech, prices are
[generally] slightly better from BCM.

These are all much greedier than your 1W requirement, though - more
like 9-10W minimum for a complete system. The Via Epia series of
motherboards, recommended by another poster, are *way* outside your
power budget; the slowest of them requires about 4A on the 3.3V rail,
1.25A on the 5V rail, and 300mA on the 12V rail, with peak current
requirements being considerably greater than that. They don't publish
useful numbers, because they intend you to run the board off a
standard PC power supply, so those values are actual measurements I've
taken when trying to work out a power budget for the Epias.

Re: low powered PC
snipped-for-privacy@larwe.com (Lewin A.R.W. Edwards) wrote in message
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In regards to these, you should be aware that Intel has discontinued
the SA-1110.


Re: low powered PC
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The products mentioned have XScale upgrades, TTBOMK. Certainly the Cerf*

Re: low powered PC
You might look (on ebay) for a used IBM Thinkpad.  I'm not a Linux
guy.  But, I recall in the 133Mhz days the Thinkpads were the laptop
of choice for runnng Linux so Linux shouldn't have much problem with
the hardware.  Even with a real mouse and keyboard, this setup should
consume less than 15W.  You might look for two identical systems, so
you have spare parts on hand.

- James B

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Re: low powered PC
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Maybe Advantech PCM582x (300Mhz Geode, 5W).


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