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Could someone please tell me where it would be possible to buy a small LCD
screen, say six to ten inches square.
This would be to connect to a small pc/104 or embedded computer.
Something semi-portable.
Dosen`t have to be high resolution, just 256 colours.

Thanks Craig

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What kind of interface? If you want a bare panel - implying that the
embedded PC has an LCD controller onboard - try - earthlcd also
sells analog-LCD adapter boards, pretty costly though. The smallest common
size that is really easily interfaced to most SBCs is 6.8", VGA resolution.
If you don't mind doing your own research to get the pinouts (which I've
lost :( but would try to find if you're interested) I have one or two of
these lying about that I could sell you. I used these panels with a
Geode-based SBC.

You can also repurpose the 6.4" (VGA-resolution) TFT-LCD out of a Toshiba
Libretto 50CT/70CT. These are readily purchased as spare parts on ebay, but
data is printed in cuneiform on sheets of unobtanium...

A better answer could be given if you would specify:

1. if the SBC is already chosen, or if you have flexibility over the choice
of machine. If the machine type is flexible, then you might do best just to
buy a small laptop.
2. if you need a complete housed module, or just the panel and inverter.

-- Lewin A.R.W. Edwards ( /)
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Their marmalade board looks interesting
but doesn't have working ethernet drivers yet.

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