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I'm looking for some information on the proprietary ISP interface used by Lattice (specifically in the ispGDS22 device)

I've managed to find a Lattice document describing the function of the SDI,SDO,MODE + SCLK pins and the devices internal state machine, but nothing on specifically how to get the fuse map /JEDEC file into the device 'in-situ'. I've searched the Lattice website, but they don't seem to give out this information readily.

Can anyone direct me to a suitable resource?

Many thanks


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You might be able to use an embedded JAM Player. AFAIK Lattice does provide a tool to covert their fus map files into something suitable for use with a JAM Player. Lattice's ispVM might also be an option.

Regards Anton Erasmus

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Anton Erasmus

On 12 Dec 2006 07:15:14 -0800, "David" wrote in comp.arch.embedded:

I agree with Anton, the ispVM package (free download) probably has all the information you need to either build an in-circuit programming routine into your firmware, or develop an external driver.

The C source code is a hideous, awful, stinking mess, but it does work.

Jack Klein
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