JTAG tools for Xscale (or ARM in general) and GNU toolchain

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Hi. In other thread Lewin Edwards has mentioned Macraigor's Jiggler
and Raven as tools for ARM processors software development. I am in
need for a tool to develop kernel modules  (in particular for
RTAI/newlxrt). I have been recommended Abatron tools but only BDI2000
supports GNU tools and it's fairly expensive so I would appreciate
having second opinions before making a decision.

So I would like to have opinion on Macraigor's tools (namely the Raven
and mpdemon) from people that are using them for ARM development under
and for Linux. Are they usable for kernel modules development?

I must stress I am completely newbie as far as this kind of tool is
concerned (newbie and several other things too for that matter :-) )
but it must be easy to guess by the questions above.

Thank you in advance for your opinions.


Re: JTAG tools for Xscale (or ARM in general) and GNU toolchain
maybe Chameleon POD, if I remember on www.amontec.com
can operate like a true Raven or Wiggler. I got one and work fine for
ARM up.

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