Jtag interface supporting RDI

Hi all

Is there any software available that will let me use ARM AXD debugger with a plain old Wiggler or similar home-made device? (I'm trying to debug on a device that already has a Jtag port, but not ICE).

If not, are there any IP issues etc. that would prevent me from writing my own?

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Old Wolf
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I have used the following with the wiggler and ads 1.2 - free but no source.

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There is one more called ArmDbgAgent but that is not free

Sorry all japanese - use google language tools and its readable. I am using the ST str7 and so far can only get first one to work ok.

I have also started looking at MitouJTAG:

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it has its own built in gdbserver. Looks promising but will not work in ads.

Regards Spen

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