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Hello people.

Since some of you started asking about the Java programs I use to control the BSC registers in my designs that I mentioned in a post last week, I have released them as a Java.net project. The official URL is

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but while it receives approval you can access a temporary repository at my web site,
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Basically, the tool consists of a JTAGController class that defines the API and works over 'String' or 'Bits' objects. There is an example for a JNI Wiggler-like parallel port interface that implements the TAP pins control routines. There is also a 'Scan' utility class that packs/unpacks JTAG bitstreams and aids in the development of boundary scan register descriptions.

The complete package has been licensed under the BSD license. It has been used successfully to implement an ARM JTAG/ICE debugger and debug interfaces for a couple of custom FPGA designs.

I also have a USB JTAGController class that uses my jd2xx package with FTDI USB chips via their MPSSE interface

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I look forward to release it as soon as I work out some licensing issues with my previous employer (which reminds me -- I could really use some knowledge about currently open positions ;) ).

Don't hesitate to write me if you have any questions or problems using it.


-- PabloBleyerKocik / pablo /"Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability." @bleyer.org / -- Edsger Wybe Dijkstra

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Hi Pablo,

Nice work, we will try it!

Note, maybe change the jd2xx-msw-20050803.zip by jd2xx-msw-20050308.zip . ;-)


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Laurent Gauch

Oops... I thought the aliens left me here in August after abducting and doing those terrible things to me ;)

Thanks for noticing that. Should be fixed by now.

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