Is there anybody that had succes in waking up Kinetis K20 fom VLLS3 mode?

Hi, i ask your help once more; i'm working on a vary basic project with the purpose of verify if i'm able to bring a Kinetis microcontroller (MK20DX128) in Very Low Leakage Stop 3 mode,and then ,after wake up, to have it back in Run Mode. I did a very basic program to monitor some uC activity on oscilloscope ,looking at square waves of different frequency,debug is not possible in vlls3 mode,and i'm not shure that it is stil aligned after wake up(i'm i right?) The microcontroller current absorption switches from 20mA to few uA, when the vlls3 mode is called,and when i wake it up ,the absorption rises again at 20mA,but no activity on pins. I have to reset the uC to restart and have some activity In case of something wrong in pins and ports stuff ,i tried an eeprom write at wake up,if done this can be easily verified with debug after reset,but the eeprom remains unchanged.

My code is taken from examples in application notes,with few variations,and after long checks with other people more skilled than i am no explaination was given .

If you have experience about it please, give some hint or idea


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