Is Effective Address == address_of ?

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Is "effective address" the address_of or immediate_address?


Re: Is Effective Address == address_of ?
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You didn't seriously believe anybody would be able to answer that one
without more information about the context you ran into this question
in, did you?
Hans-Bernhard Broeker (
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Re: Is Effective Address == address_of ?
Effective address is the address computed after performing
complete addressing mode arithmatic.

You will find many compilers using a load effective address
instruction when you use address of (&) in C code.

Sometimes the compilers also use (misuse?) load effective
address to load small integer constants and perform
simple interger aritmatic. As it turns out
to be faster than using the regular integer mechanisms.

This is particularly true in the 68000 family.

The following articles might help:
(Search for LEA.L)

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Re: Is Effective Address == address_of ? (Sandeep) wrote in message
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Thanks Sandeep,

I had guessed as much from what my compiler is doing but could not
find a straight definition on Google; only passing comments within
complicated descriptions of something else.


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