Image processing in Fpga

Any guys have image sensor experience?

The image I'm going to use has to be in grayscale and down sampled.

As for trying to convert the image into grayscale form i was thinking whether that i can use a image sensor with a output format of Y'CbCr instead of RGB. Then i'll using the Y' for the grayscale since Y' can be translated into by 0.9*R+0.59*G+0.11*B which is in fact the grayscale formula? Is it possible to extract Y' component from Y'CrCb?

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Yes, several here..


Why not just start with a greyscale senesor, if your application only needs greyscale, then use a greyscale sensor. They are just as readily availble and generally have better bandwidth and response than their colour counter- parts as less items involved.

Why don't you look at the format of the data specified in the datasheet.

Looks like you have chosen the sensor before choosing your application requirements.

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