I need to test a standard C library suite

Hi guys,

I need to test a standard C library suite on different embedded architectures. Is there around a complet set of tests? Right now I'm using P.J. Plauger's tests: the ones found in his book "C Library". Those tests are not complete nor open source.

thanks Enrico

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I don't know about standard, but the GNU libraries may well contain such a set. The DJGPP system also contains a set, but is not limited to standard items.

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In article , Enrico Migliore writes

ISO 9899:1990 or ISO 9899:1999?

There are test suites and standard libraries but whether they will work on embedded systems is another matter. Most embedded compilers use extensions and restrictions on ISO C. The smaller the MCU the great the changes. You might be able to do it on some of the 32 bit embedded systems. also define "embedded" I have used sparc running solaris and x86 running dos in embedded systems others use WINCe on SH4...

Test suits are not cheap to produce. I doubt you will find any free ones let alone open source.

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thanks for your suggestion! I'll take a look at those packages.


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Enrico Migliore

Hi Chris,

The library I'm working on is the Minix's one, and it seems to be ISO 9899:1990 compliant.

Except the library, which I did not tested yet, the Minix library works fine on my Renesas's M16C (16 bit) and Fujitsu's MB91F362 (32 bit) and platforms. I'm currently working on the library. P.J. Plauger tests (the ones in the book, I mean) are first order tests.

A guy suggested me to use GNU tests....but I don't know where to find them.


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