how to track thread termination?

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   I am using threadx. Is there any way i can wait on a thread. I need
to know when a thread has completed its execution. This is possible in
windows by using:

WaitForSingleObject((HANDLE)event, timeout);

Is there anything equivalent to that in threadx or any other rtos's.

Threadx only has the following APIs defined for threads. Can we use
these to do the same.

UINT tx_thread_create(TX_THREAD *thread_ptr, CHAR *name_ptr,VOID
(*entry_function)(ULONG), ULONG entry_input,
VOID *stack_start, ULONG stack_size,
UINT priority, UINT preempt_threshold,
ULONG time_slice, UINT auto_start);

UINT tx_thread_delete(TX_THREAD *thread_ptr);
TX_THREAD *tx_thread_identify(VOID);

UINT tx_thread_info_get(TX_THREAD *thread_ptr, CHAR **name,
UINT *state, ULONG *run_count, UINT *priority,
UINT *preemption_threshold, ULONG *time_slice,
TX_THREAD **next_thread,
TX_THREAD **next_suspended_thread);

UINT tx_thread_preemption_change(TX_THREAD *thread_ptr,
UINT new_threshold, UINT *old_threshold);

UINT tx_thread_priority_change(TX_THREAD *thread_ptr,
UINT new_priority, UINT *old_priority);

VOID tx_thread_relinquish(VOID);

UINT tx_thread_resume(TX_THREAD *thread_ptr);

UINT tx_thread_sleep(ULONG timer_ticks);

UINT tx_thread_suspend(TX_THREAD *thread_ptr);

UINT tx_thread_terminate(TX_THREAD *thread_ptr);

UINT tx_thread_time_slice_change(TX_THREAD *thread_ptr,
ULONG new_time_slice, ULONG *old_time_slice);

UINT tx_thread_wait_abort(TX_THREAD *thread_ptr);

Thanks a LOT

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Re: how to track thread termination?
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AFAIK for ThreadX the only way to get a thread's state is to poll the state
(you could do this in a repetitive thread which then signals an event):

UINT tx_thread_info_get(
    TX_THREAD     *thread_ptr,
    CHAR          **name,
    UINT          *state,          // see header files for the enum
    ULONG         *run_count,
    UINT          *priority,
    UINT          *preemption_threshold,
    ULONG         *time_slice,
    TX_THREAD     **next_thread,
    TX_THREAD     **next_suspended_thread

or to signal an event from the thread itself just before the thread finishes
in a _normal_ way, and never using an tx_thread_terminate() or the like.

If you do have the sources, you could easily add a function to the OS like:

    tx_set_terminate_event(*TX_THREAD, *TX_EVENT, ULONG bits);

This would set in the TX_THREAD structure a pointer to an event that has to
be signalled whenever a thread is terminated. Only the OS knows for sure
when that state change happens...

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Re: how to track thread termination?
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Er, have the waited upon thread send a signal to the
waitee upon completion.

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Re: how to track thread termination?
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If you have to actually *wait* for it, it's probably the wrong plan to
move that job to a separate thread in the first place.  If you just
want something done once the thread finishes, the thread should do
that by itself.

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Re: how to track thread termination?
Thanks a LOT everyone.

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