How to Interface Touch Screen with Microcontroller

Hi., I have Lampex LG322402 Touch Screen with SED 1335 controller, I want to interface this Touch Screen with Any Microcontroller... Can anybody suggest me How to interface this Touch Screen?? And Which micro controller is best suited? Is there any need for ARM7 core controller or i can interface with simple 8-bit microcontrollers aslo????

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Check this link ->

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I have not tried it. Got it by googling :):)

Karthik Balaguru

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This link is pretty good

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The used to be an excellent Sharp Application Note about using the LH7xxxx devices' ADCs to drive a resistive touch screen but I can't find it on their web site. I posted a link to it ages ago so maybe you can find it in the archives and see if the link is still live.

Alternatively, but a serial touch screen controller and drive it from a UART.

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Tom Lucas

"Nirav" skrev i meddelandet news:

Download AVR341: Application Note: Four and five-wire Touch screen Controller (19 pages, revision A, updated

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