Touch controller to touch screen connection

I have a 5 wire analog resistive touch screen that has touch pins labelled as BL (Bottom Left), BR (Bottom Right), TL (Top Left), TR (Top Right) and SG. The touch controller IC (AR1100) has X-, X+, Y- and Y+ and SG for the touch interface. How do we map BL, BR, TL, TR to X-, X+, Y-, Y+?

Thanks in advance


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Intuitively I'd expect...

BL = X- & Y- BR = X+ & Y- TL = X- & Y+ TR = X+ & Y+

but I could be wrong

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Jim Thompson

normally computer screens have 0,0 on top left corner and I think a touchscreen is normally laid out like this


| |-TR | | | | | | | | BL-| |


so I'm guessing

TL = y- BR = y+ BL = x- TR = x+


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Lasse Langwadt Christensen

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