How to genearate a pulse with Variable ON-Time and OFF-Time using 8253(4) ?

Thanks all reply. All of your advise are meaningful. Since I have some limitation, please kindly advise me how to generate the (1~9999)us ON / (1 ~ 9999) us OFF time pulse training using

8253(4). The MCU will be ATMEL AT89c52RD2.

In addition, the pulse train can be started and stop by external signal. Again, Condition -

1/. 8253 / 8254. 2/. MCU - AT89C52RD2 3/. Range - 1~9999 us ON Time and 1 ~ 9999us OFF time , Adjustable. 4/. Two External Signal - Level can be define. - Start : Allow the pulse output. - Stop : Disable the puls output and force the output to LOW.

Thanks all. regards, lamb.

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It cannot be done.

-Robert Scott Ypsilanti, Michigan (Reply through this forum, not by direct e-mail to me, as automatic reply address is fake.)

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Robert Scott

I have heard that this can be done with Z80, 6MHz + 1MHz 8253. But I cannot get the details.

Does it possible using two channel to generate one pulse training ?

Just brain storm... regards, lamb

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