How to connect a CAN Bus transceiver?

Microcontrollers with one CANBus interface can easily connect to a CAN transceiver via the CANTX and CANRX pins.

However, what about microcontrollers that have only one CANRX pin, but two CANTX pins (CANTX1 and CANTX2)? How do I hook up the CANTX pins to one transceiver pins, or may I leave one hanging? I really don't see the use for more than one CANTX pin if there is only one CANRX pin.


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Mike V.
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Isn't CANTX2 just the inverted version of CANTX1? => use CANTX1 and dont mind the CANTX2...


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Thomas Eg Jørgensen

Did it occur to you that this kind of information is what those vendors publish these strange documents called "data sheets" for? Did you look into the one for that particular chip you forgot to mention here? If not, that's a rather unexcusable offence. So let's assume you did. Why do you still have to ask, then? I.e., what exactly in that datasheet didn't you understand?

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