Home at last!?


Sorry for the delay in writing. It's been busy with "visitors", lately. It was good seeing all of you -- looking forward to April!

I made the Doppler additions to the demo you saw. You should be able to play with it on your existing hardware. There's a ReadMe that explains the controls.

I started porting the OS to a small ARM development board. Goal is to make sure there are no big "gotcha's" before moving the designs to foil. Having to redo *one* would be annoying; redoing ALL of them would just be depressing! :<

I've also been reexamining the VM scrubbing code. The synchronous implementation may be more deterministic but it seems like it's less *efficient* (well, you know what I mean...). I may try to move that to the Dx thread at some cost in *real* efficiency (though a net gain in *perceived* efficiency). I will explore the options as I port that bit of code to this development board.

[Though I still consider the Dx thread somewhat dubious... OTOH, I can't see any other way around it (besides the offline option we discussed -- and it's drawbacks!)]

I also updated the _MMU Exploits_ document in an attempt to make it more specific/pertinent by eliding those items that aren't directly used by the OS. Comments welcome. (it still retains a "general" tone so I will need to make it even more *specific* -- with concrete examples per *this* implementation).

Watch your doorsteps -- dropping a box of goodies in the mail to each of you this afternoon. I'll leave it to each of you to sort out how they get shared in your families -- or not! ;-) I imagine kiddies will be disappointed (but spouses, not! :> )

Let me know if Vegas or SoCal in April. I'd also be happy to let it slip to May (all the recent visitors have me WAY behind! Still a few more "obligations" to address before I can get back to life as usual...). Much later than May would probably invalidate Vegas as an option (?)

Good seeing you all!


P.S. Managed to harvest the Valencias the other day. Some 160 pounds on that one tree! Already juiced about 7 gallons and still have several bags of fruit left. But, *nowhere* near as sweet as the juice from the Navels that you had while here.

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Argh! Sorry, too many windows open at the same time -- pasted email and USENET posts in the wrong windows (so, now I have to go explain an "odd" email to several people.. :< )

AIOE apparently doesn't support cmsg's (?)

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