Heap segment

iam not using MMU.

First of all is it possible to set heap in external ram if yes is i limited to certain extent?

or is it an IAR IDE fault?

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On Fri, 30 Nov 2007 19:55:08 -0600, "srikanthn" wrote in comp.arch.embedded:

OK, are you using some microprocessor or microcontroller without using an MMU?

First of all, you need to mention what microprocessor or microcontroller it is that you are using without MMU.

It could be an IAR IDE fault, but that is not very likely. If it is IAR's fault, it is probably the actual tools, such as compiler, assembler, linker, etc., that are run by the IDE, and not the IDE itself.

But it is far, far more likely that it is your fault. However, without any useful information, and you did not provide any useful information, it is completely impossible for anyone reading this group to tell, except by flipping a coin.

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