GPS +8051+GSM modem

Hello friends,

I am working on project which is Vehicle tracking system, which works on the following principle:

  1. GPS system transmit the current longitude/latitude/GMT to MC
  2. MC transmit this position information via a SMS to a mobile phone through a GSM device
  3. Crystal freequency is 11.0592 MHz

PLZ I need help me. I am doing this project is under such a big name unversity. If it is sussed the good for you and me.

Plz help me .


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Martin Griffith

A "big name university" is supposed to have good teachers which can give you the needed advice to complete your projects. Maybe you meant a "long" name university?

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This sounds like an interesting project. For what do you need help? I hope you don't expect that all the work will be done for you, because then you won't learn anything. What have you done already?

Frank Buss,,
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Frank Buss

I sorry to say my friend but big name university provide hardware and software they don't tell him how 2 make project.

So that's thing.


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Oh but they do. The textbooks, the lectures, the discussion sections, and the labs tell you exactly how to make the projects.

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Scott in SoCal

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