FS: Lot of 60 XCV1000 FPGAs

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I have a sealed, un-opened, 60-pack of XCV1000-4BG560C FPGAs for sale.  They
are in the original Xilinx packaging, seal date of 31-OCT-02.

Here is a datasheet: http://direct.xilinx.com/bvdocs/publications/ds031.pdf

I am *not* a chip broker, but an independent EE trying to recover some
losses on these.  These were purchased for a project, but the customer
screwed me on the project and gave me these as part of payment.

DigiKey lists the XCV1000-4BG560C at $1462/chip, min-order of 12, total cost
for 12 @ $17,544.00.

See here:

Please make me an offer on the entire lot. I DO NOT want to eBay these, so
please do not low-ball me.

Please e-mail me:

r_fpga_ snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com


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