flash memory writes - seeing is believing

Hi All,

Running MPLAB V7.1, ICE2K, PCM card for the 16F876A.

Using the upper memory range of 1F:00 to 1F:FF for data storage into the flash.

Using the emulator, I can write a value to the flash location and I can read back that value using fread.

But... I can not view the data in the menu item view - program memory. The location displays value 3F:FF which is the all bits set.

On the simulator side of V7.1, I can not change the program memory values with the fwrite, they remain at FF, I see that the value eedat turns into FF as the wren bit is set.

The simulator on the previous used MPLAB, this being version 6.5 or so, would modify the program memory in the view-program menu.

So, the questions for any flash"er",

1: How can I display the flash area I am writing in for the data?

2: After every re-compile I lose the data I have storaged in the flash-data range, so how can I stop the MPLAB from clearing out the used range?

Thanks from snipped-for-privacy@aol.com

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