flash memory write endurance

I am using P89V51RD2 flash enabled mc for my application . I am using flash memory to store data. I want to know the flash "write endurance" based on erase cycle or write -erase cycle...

plz somebody help me out

Thanks ganu

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should be in the data sheet :)

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Read the datasheet.

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Grant Edwards


One of the best places for the answer if it is not in the datasheet could be in the Philips support group.

Best Regards, Karthik Balaguru

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Yep the endurance is in the data sheet page 62

Data sheet is available here

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and standards used to perform this test are available here.

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Have fun bye


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Joe G (Home)
2 flash enabled mc for my application . I am using flash



Great ! So, it is in the datasheet as everyone conveyed. It is mentioned as the endurance of flash memory is 10000 cycles.

And there is also a Note that 'This parameter is measured only for initial qualification and after a design or process change that could affect this parameter."

Karthik Balaguru

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