FAT File System for NANDFLASH

Hi All,

I am working on FAT32 file system development for NandFlash. I want to know Fat32 details.

Pls clarify the following:

Where the device size will be stored in the device? How much space we need allocate for FAT table and Root Directory?

If u hav any articles please share

Thanks in Advance Jk

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You have a gmail address; you must have heard of "google".

If you google for "FAT32 File System", you will find all you need in the first three hits.

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I came to know the FAT32 file system details. But I want to know the space allocation details for FAT table, root directory. Also specific to NAND flash low-level formatting.

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The root space for FAT32 is a cluster list, system allocate a cluster first, and then allocate another if the previous one not enough, But FAT16 is fixed, 1 cluster.

??? news: snipped-for-privacy@h48g2000cwc.googlegroups.com ???...

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I am working on Nand Flash. I need the following details.

How to get the device? Calculate cluster size, bad block handling while formatting,

If u know pls clarify

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do some research. NAND flash error handling ,wear leveling , block handling are not simple issues which can be resolved in a newsgroup. I hope you are not being paid to get your info here.

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Elan Magavi

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